Wednesday, February 21, 2007

P.S.P.S.P.S.P & R. S. U

(Wolfs feet and Lisas script. Photo M. Ekhougen)

Two experiments based on the text "Rod sno & ulven" ("Red, Snow and the Wolf")written by young Norwgian writer and performance artist Lisa Lie ( Sons of Liberty ) for Ibsen Short Text Challenge, arranged by Det Apne Teater, Oslo, fall 2006. The experiments were directed by Cathrine Bjorndalen.

The first experiment was a six hour open rehersal/ performance at Henie Onstad Art center in Oslo (Henie Onstad). The frames of this experiment was the text witch was already rehersed, some props, the space and the time. All the images shown here is from this event.
The images was used in part 2, the actual reading at the theatre, projected on a backdrop with lines from the script, combined with a manipulated recording (radio theatre) and 3 live actors reading.

Following a car accident Red comes walking along the roadside.
Lisa B Lie´s text, subtitled "an adventorous splatter", is a magic scenic poem through the unreliable memories of Red on her journey towards death as the final expression of freedom.


Red (Stina Kajaso),
Snow (Cathrine Bjorndalen)

and The Wolf (Marte Ekhougen)

Scene: A roadside, heaven, somewhere

All pictures tripod/Marte Ekhougen
More pictures here


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