Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Det store Mysteriet.

Shown in closed down Nidar Bergene Chockolate Factory, march 2006. Produced in cooperation with Black Box Teater, Oslo.

"With a touch of Pop Noir this is a fresh faced, genre looting performance that plays around with corporal, spatial and linguistic structures as well as messing with the building blocks of theatrical language. We are invited into a pre-apocalyptic universe crammed with secret passages, sliding walls and hidden doors where apparently lost characters struggle to stay alive - for ever, and to find or to be meaning."

Off and with Cathrine Bjørndalen, Marte Ekhougen, Per Willy Aaserud, Rasmus Jørgensen, Robert Kiss, Henning Eidem, Sassi Calvert, Line Karlstad, Peder Solvang, Elisabeth Magnus, Eivind Sten Johnsen, Helene Terjesen, Ken Theodorsen, Elisabeth Johnsen, Ivan Litsheim, Sigurd Johansson, Birgitte Huitfeldt, Kevin Barnes.

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