Thursday, February 22, 2007


Some of my foto sets from Flickr

September 2006Is it decadence or sentimental perversion?
When people dissapear the spaces starts telling their own stories, about people. And when people remain away, time starts redecorating their homes, streets and shops. The stories of Prypiet were more than people, but one sad story is shadowing them all, keeping even the ghosts away. Still I find this tremendiously beautiful and magic. This must be one of the very few cities in the world where money does not want to live, and time gets to do whatever it wants. Still time is partly frozen at some days in late April 1986. The whole city is like a capture of theese days, slowly fading.

Time is one of my favorite artists!
plenty more pictures here

STILL LIFE?Scientific naturalistic kitch & illutional interiour design for ghost animals.
Or set design for frozen plays about nature, staring dead actors.
Illutions caught in a dusty little box behind a window. The wolf will never get you.

More pictures here

We think there is nobody else around. Its all so quiet. But we´re all wrong.
This place is crowded. They are all beneath us. Resting. Shhh...
Plastic flowers, stones and pictures remains much longer than you and I.

More pictures here

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